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This is my first newsletter about my Medium journey. 😍

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Let me share a bit of my Medium journey.

I started writing in March 2020 without knowing what to expect from Medium.

I knew successful Medium writers made four figures every month, but I didn’t know how to do it. Neither did I know what I wanted to write about.

I thought I had nothing to share with people since I was ordinary. 

Back then, I had a full-time job as an SEO specialist. Pretty dull stuff, huh?

Furthermore, I hated writing.

Yes, I mean what I say — I hated writing back then because I didn’t know how to write engaging stories.

Nevertheless, I started writing to see how it would go.

Here’s my very first Medium story. I spent several days writing this article and several weeks for the publication editor to publish it. 👇

Eventually, I’ve made $7 from this article in one month and $45 by now.

The first 100 stories were about learning how the Medium platform works.

The following 100 stories were much better in terms of writing and quality. I learned what my audience liked and honed my tone of voice.

The last 100 stories were about building my personal brand and using Medium to support my online business.

As of today, I’ve published 307 stories on Medium!

It’s a lot!

However, I’m thankful to my younger self who didn’t quit too early.

Today, Medium

  • Helps me make $500-$1,000 from the Partner Program

  • Supports my SEO business by sending prospective clients

  • Helps me sell my ebooks

  • Helps me build my personal brand

and most importantly:

I meet incredibly successful and interesting people on Medium, and some of them become my true friends in real life. ❤️

There’s so much you can achieve on Medium! The sky is the limit.

All you need to get started is to answer this question:

Are you ready to embark on this long and challenging journey to succeed as a content creator?

If you haven’t checked my Medium guide on my website, I highly recommend doing it. 👇

I created this guide for newbies, which will hopefully answer a lot of your questions.

Talk to you next week!

Have a great weekend. 😎

Victoria Kurichenko

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