What was your Medium progress in February? 😎

Here's mine.

Hi there,

February has passed in the blink of an eye.

Have you published anything on Medium in February? 🤔

How did it go?

Since I launched this newsletter to share my Medium journey, I’ll openly share my struggles and achievements.

So, in February, I:

  • Posted 8 stories on Medium

  • Got 2 stories boosted (second month in a row)

  • Gained 18.1k views and 8.2k reads

  • The best day on Medium resulted in 2.5k views and 592 reads

  • Gained 1,819 new followers (yay)

My overall performance in February 👇

My boosted stories

A boost is an additional layer of content distribution on Medium.

All boosted stories are manually reviewed by Medium curators and get at least 500 additional views.

If your story is boosted, there is a high chance you’ll make at least three figures from the story.

This month, I’ve got 2 curated stories published at the Better Marketing publication.

Both of them did well in terms of views and earnings.

I feel the boost is essential to make money on Medium nowadays. Otherwise, it’s much harder to reach your target audience.

Here’s how my boosted stories perform.

  • Publication date: February 16th, 2024

  • Publication date: February 29th, 2024

To improve your Medium performance, you must align your content with Medium requirements and try to reach a wider audience through publications.

The following publications can nominate your stories for boosts:

I’ve worked with the first two publications and can confidently say their curators help Medium writers reach a wider audience.

However, their content quality bar is high.

Try anyway and see how it goes!

The least explored path always brings unexpected results.

How much do you make per Medium story on average? 🤔

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Medium isn’t only about the Partner Program

I’ve been writing on Medium for three years.

It’s an excellent platform to build a personal brand in any niche and an online business.

Here’s how I use Medium to grow my side hustles. 👇

Feel free to hit “reply,” share your feedback, and ask questions if you have any.

Talk soon. 😎

Victoria Kurichenko

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