Have you heard of these Medium updates? 🤔

You might be affected

Hi there,

How have you been doing lately?

I’m having a workation in Europe with my friends and family. 🤩

I expected March to be a calm month, but surprisingly, I’ve received many client requests.

In particular,

I sold a 12-month content writing plan to one of my new customers. 💰

And I will also be writing a sponsored article on Medium. Yaay! ✔️

I’ve already published a few sponsored articles on Medium. It’s fun and pays well. I’ll prepare a separate newsletter on this topic since it’s an excellent opportunity to make additional income from your Medium content.

Agree? 😊 

I have a question for you: Have you heard of the latest Medium updates? 🤔 

Buster Benson, the Medium’s product manager, has recently posted the following updates:

In a nutshell, Medium will revoke the Partner Program enrollment for writers who:

  • Publish spam

  • Engage in fraudulent activity

  • Post AI-generated stories

  • Post low-quality content that demonstrates clear misalignment with Medium’s mission

This update targets accounts that leave spam comments and fake engagement to increase income.

I don’t know about you, but I regularly get these comments, especially on high-performing content pieces:

As of March, Medium has suspended about 1.7% of active Partner Program writer accounts that had been flagged as likely to be participating in some form of fraudulent activity.

We don’t know how many writers are members of the Partner Program. But I’m convinced that 1.7% that’s a lot of people.

I’m sure none of my fellow subscribers engage in fraudulent activity. However, my goal is to keep you updated about all the changes so YOU can thrive on Medium. 😇 

Medium has never been a get-quick-rich platform.

In the past four years, I haven’t seen any successful Medium writer who made a lot of money and built their audience fast.

It’s not how it works.

Like any other business, Medium requires dedication and patience.

If the idea of publishing 100+ articles to find your audience and voice scares you, you probably won’t succeed on Medium. (Yes, that’s how many articles I published to understand how the platform works.)

Ask yourself: What’s the ultimate goal of writing on Medium? 🤔 

Be honest with yourself.

Your heart and soul will whisper the answer to you.

I’m still collecting data. Please share your insights below

I’m grateful to some of you who’ve shared stats about the Medium income. I’m collecting this data to help YOU better understand how much, on average, Medium writers make per story.

This will help you consider whether it’s worth investing your time and efforts into intense writing.

P.S. There are many ways to make money on Medium besides MPP. Here’s how I do it.

How much do you make per Medium story on average? 🤔

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My latest article

1-min stories won’t make you decent money on Medium. Period.

I’ve published many 1- and 2-minute stories only to realize they make $1-$10, not much.

That’s not worth it.

However, these articles help me promote my SEO services and ebooks. Besides, they keep my audience updated on my latest professional and personal progress.

Here’s my latest Medium story published at the Minimalist Side Hustler publication. 👇

Do you write short stories on Medium? How do they work for you?

Feel free to hit “reply,” share your feedback, and ask questions if you have any.

Talk soon. 😎

Victoria Kurichenko

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