I wrote 300+ headlines on Medium. These 10 went viral

and got 185K total views on Medium

Hi there,

I published my first blog post exactly two years ago, in March 2020.

I did not know writing would become an essential part of my life and a daily routine back then.

Thanks to my writing skills, I’ve published over 300 blog posts online and created different income sources.

I must admit that writing is like roulette.

It’s barely possible to predict which post will eventually perform well.

In this newsletter, I want to share my most successful blog post headlines, show the actual stats, and explain why these titles did so well.

So, you can customize these titles for yourself and give them a try.

The following are some of the most viral headlines I’ve had during my Medium journey.

1. “How drinking matcha tea every day will make you live a longer life”

2. “67 Positive Daily Affirmations to Become Your Better Self”

3. “How Lululemon Increased Their Brand Value by 40%”

4. “How Pepsi Spooked Coca-Cola With This Hilarious Halloween Ad”

5. “8 Common Behaviours of Toxic Leaders, According to Google.”

6. “How to See All Your Competitor’s Facebook Ads in 3 Steps.”

7. 10 Side Hustle Skills You Can Master For Under $100 (Or For Free)

8. “4 Little-Known Ways How Music Can Affect Your Everyday Life”

9. “How to Find 100+ Trending Searches for Any Country in One Minute”

10. “3 Ways to Discover Your Inner Self That Can Transform Your Life and Career.”

I wrote dozens of articles about AI on Medium.

It seems this topic is pretty popular nowadays and attracts many eyeballs.

Here’s how my article about ChatGPT has performed on Medium. I published it at the Start it Up publication last year.

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My latest boosted article

My goal is to maintain the $1,000+ earnings from the Medium Partner Program every month.

My strategy is simple: Get 2-3 boosted articles on Medium every month.

This way, I can boost the sales of my ebooks and reach my income target.

Do you set monthly goals on Medium? If yes, what are they?

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Talk soon. 😎

Victoria Kurichenko

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