How many stories can make you $1,000 on Medium 💰

That’s the most popular question I hear from Medium writers.

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This is the 7th edition of the “Let’s Write on Medium” newsletter.

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Now, let me share today’s topic: making $$$$ on Medium.

How many articles should I write to make 4 figures on Medium every month?”🤔 That’s the most popular question I hear from Medium writers.

They usually don’t ask what works on Medium.

Instead, the majority thinks Medium is a numbers game.

I agree that publishing more can help you make more money. For months, I forced myself to publish a new article every two days.

I spent hours writing and publishing content on Medium to only make roughly $200.

I quickly realized this approach isn’t scalable.

Moreover, it can drain all your energy.

Top writers must do something else to make four figures regardless of the Medium updates.

When I realized what didn’t work on Medium, I chose another approach - publishing less.

Surprisingly, this approach helped me focus on quality, publish less, and make 4 figures on Medium.

Below, I’m sharing my exclusive Medium stats from July 2023.

I published 7 Medium stories, which earned me $1,025.75, which is roughly $146,53 per article.

Some writers make that much from one story.

However, everyone’s journey is unique.

Someone’s success and setbacks shouldn’t impact your mood and Medium progress in any way.

It’s worth noting that Medium introduced Boosts in February 2023 and changed the way how Medium writers make money. Some strategies that worked well for me a year ago are no longer working.

Today, 3-4 boosted stories generate roughly $200+ each, which results in $1,000+ per month.

How much do you make per Medium story on average? 🤔

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