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Okay, what does it mean?

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In this newsletter, I want to talk about Medium Boosts in detail.

If you are new to Medium, you should know the platform has 3 levels of content distribution:

  1. Medium content distribution algorithm

  2. Publications and their audience

  3. Medium Boosts

Most writers leverage the first two levels.

Some don’t even use publications to reach more readers.

However, as a seasoned Medium writer, I can say that Boosts yield the highest returns based on income and reach.

Medium says boosted stories get at least 500+ views, but the potential is limitless.

Based on my experience, it used to be much easier to make $$$+ from an article. You simply had to write a catchy title and submit an article to a big publication.

It’s not the case on Medium anymore.

At least now.

Compare my earnings for 1,000 views for boosted and non-boosted stories.

Non-boosted story πŸ’° per 1,000 views

1,000 views - $30.92

Boosted story πŸ’° per 1,000 views

Story 1: 1,000 views -$96,99

Story 2: 1,000 views - $98,72

A boosted story makes at least three times more than a non-boosted story for the same amount of views!

I know that Medium relies on reads more than views to count earnings, but still, the difference is enormous!

If you want to make money on Medium and have stories that make you passive income over time, you must leverage Boosts.

How much do you make per Medium story on average? πŸ€”

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Victoria Kurichenko

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