2.3k Medium views a day. Is it possible? 🤔

Yes! Here's what happened.

Hi there,

In this newsletter, I want to show you how I’ve got 2.3k+ views on Medium in one day!

Here’s a proof.

I’ve been writing on Medium for over three years and can say that making money on Medium has become more challenging.

In 2020, curated stories with catchy titles could get thousands of claps and make a few thousand dollars.

It’s not the case nowadays (my subjective opinion).

Medium changed its algorithm again.

Top writers like Tim Denning, with 325k followers, often get roughly 1k claps. That’s nothing for his audience size.

However, Medium has never been about quantity.

Let me reveal the harsh truth:

More content and more followers don’t mean more money on Medium!

That’s why I stopped publishing an article daily and focused on finding strategies that bring better results.

Nowadays, I spend 2-3 hours writing one Medium story and publish roughly 7 pieces per month.

My average return on one story is $100+.

How much do you make per Medium story on average? 🤔

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My goal is to publish less but gain more output from my Medium content. Therefore, I experiment with the format, writing style, headlines, and publications to reach a wider audience.

After all, Medium is driven by its algorithm, favoring some stories more than others.

Here’s what happened to my Medium account on February 16th

  • I published two articles in top Medium publications - Start it Up and Better Marketing

  • On story was boosted 🚀 (this one)

  • A few older stories were picked up by the algorithm and resulted in 1.3k+ additional views

I learned that boosted stories can recover over time and generate additional views even if they were published months ago.

That’s the power of Medium!

I've experienced even more spikes in the past when Medium curated stories.

Today, Medium seems only to distribute boosted stories, which makes the lives of writers harder.

However, it also raises the content quality bar!

If you want to make money from the Medium Partner Program, my friendly advice is to get into bigger publications. It will help you:

  • Get more eyeballs

  • Increase your chance of being boosted

P.S. I’ll share my experiments with short-form and long-form content performance on Medium in the upcoming newsletter.

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If you wanted to learn anything from a Medium expert, what would it be? 🤔

I launched this newsletter to share my honest journey on Medium and help YOU improve your performance.

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I’ll collect your responses and try to answer your Medium questions in my upcoming newsletters.

That’s it for today!

Have a great weekend. 😎

Victoria Kurichenko

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